Psychological services to support personal growth.

A resource for life transitions, parenting, perinatal mental health, and more!

I’m here to help

Is life moving too quickly? Confused about who you are or who you’re becoming? You’re not alone. Life events such as losing a job, switching careers, losing a loved one, getting married, or becoming a parent can be overwhelming. These can be exciting, sad, scary, and exhausting all at once. At the same time, transitions can be meaningful and revealing. This is our opportunity to grow, get to know ourselves better, or make meaningful changes. If you’d like a guide during these times of uncertainty, I’d love to walk with you on your journey. Work with me to rediscover your values and your life’s guiding compass.


  • Free 15 min phone consultation
  • A space where you will be listened to and respected
  • Strategies tailored to your needs
  • 50min sessions at a your pace (e.g. weekly, bi-weekly)


  • Free 15 min phone consultation
  • Tailored test battery
  • Determination of strengths and areas of growth
  • Personalized treatment recommendations